Kubata Restaurant - your natural exquisite destination to a variety of distinct Portuguese cuisine.

Although the word “Kubata” is derived from the way Angolans describe a traditional hut, the restaurant brings Angolan, Portuguese, Mozambiquan and Brazilian cuisines to the heart of Namibia, Windhoek.

Our mission at Kubata Restaurant is to provide our clients with something unique and different, yet simultaneously giving our utmost attention to quality service.

Once inside, the restaurant has an artistic architecture likening the famous restaurants in Portugal which give you the ambience and tranquility to wine and dine in a comfortable atmosphere.

Contact Details

Physical Address:Kubata Restaurant,

:151 Nelson Mandela Avenue,

:Eros, Windhoek

Tel:+264 61 401 944

Fax:+264 61 401 945

E-Mail Address:restaurant.kubata@iway.na


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